Ningxia Zhonghang ZhengFei SaiWaiXiang Halal Food Co.,Ltd  was founded in  February,2002,was located in QingTongXia Gerber Textile Industrial Park.,registered capital was 81.96 million yuan,is the halal food business of a set of  scientific research crop cultivation, food storage, production, processing and sales,mainly produces “SaiWaiXiang”brand high quality rice,flour,vermicelli,self-heating steamed rice and nutrition rice juice halal food series.Since it was founded,it always adheres to “courage to competition, the pursuit of excellence" business philosophy,adheres to "build base, establish brand, linked network”, the development road of industrialization,is industrialization of agriculture leading enterprise in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region,gradually makes the enterprise become largest halal food production base and export base for the Middle East and Muslim countries.


2010 it invested 370 million yuan to construct Zhonghang ZhengFei SaiWaiXiang Halal Food Industrial Park, covering 505 acres, it has an annual output of 150,000 tons of organic rice production line; an annual output of 15 million boxes of halal instant rice production line; annual output of 20,000 tons of halal nutrition rice juice production line annual output of 180,000 tons of halal beef vermicellis, flour production line; annual output of 20,000 tons of halal Se vermicelli production lines; 100,000 tons of high-quality low-temperature drying of food items; low-temperature preservation of high-quality food warehouse; rice museum; research center; plans to build an annual output of 6,000 tons of halal fresh wet noodle production line;an annual output of 10,000 tons of edible oil halal production lines; an annual output of 10,000 tons of edible oil halal production lines.After the complection of Industrial Park ,annual turnover is 2.6 billion yuan,profits is 200 million yuan,can drive economic zone along the Yellow River in Ningxia, 200,000 farmers will increase 500 million yuan, solving 1230 jobs.


The company always adheres to the "enterprise + base + farmers" the industrialization of development philosophy, base construction as the basis, technology services as a precursor to product innovation and development, pay close attention to contract farming and bases, as the raw grain production for production processes first off, seriously implement.


With the western development ,Ningxia, "two areas" as an opportunity to Arab Fair for the exchange platform, to seize the country open to the Middle East Arab countries to build strategic opportunity to integrate "along the way" strategy to increase infrastructure investment and high-tech the introduction and application, with the development of Ningxia Islamic Food Industry favorable opportunity, to promote agricultural industrialization process in our region, led farmers to get rich, to revive the glory of Ningxia rice, for the well-known Muslim Ningxia build brand, relying on the Yellow Gold Coast natural advantage to build China's high-end brand of rice.


At present, product sales have covered more than 20 provinces and cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, etc., SaiWaiXiang  products have entered the Government Offices Administration of the State Council, National People's Congress, People's Liberation Army General Logistics Department, the armed police headquarters units and other state organs. The company is also actively involved in the organization of the autonomous region of Ningxia for the international market promotion activities halal food and Muslim products, has conducted product launches in Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries to improve the Ningxia halal food in the international market visibility and competitiveness, and won the praise of foreign, Muslim self-heating rice and other new products have been sold to Malaysia, the Middle East and other Muslim countries.


Enterprise honor

The company was awarded"rest assured that rice" enterprise by the China Food Industry Association; in November 2006, the autonomous region Grain Bureau identified as "Ningxia emergency grain products designated undertaking unit", in May 2007, was awarded the "sentinel rations Ningxia processing enterprises ", in October 2010, was awarded the Ningxia famous trademark; in April 2011, was awarded the" Northwest halal food mobilization center ", in 2012, was awarded" China's top ten most influential Muslim brand ", In December,2012 the State administration for Industry and trademark Office identified as "famous Chinese Trademark" and achieved the ISO 9001 quality management system certification, in February 2014, obtained the autonomous region of outstanding agricultural industrialization leading enterprises in the title.

Product honor

 In August 2009, our company Ningjing No. 43 in the country of quality rice good taste tasting  got the first prize.In October 2011, China International Oils and Equipment Exhibition Organizing Committee awarded the company SaiWaiXiang agricultural unit 843 gold treasures organic rice.In February 15, 2012, China Green Product Development Center audited our unit 843 treasures rice and flakes as green A-level standards. In September 2012, the Tenth China International Agricultural Trade Organizing Committee awarded our unit "SaiWaiXiang" organic rice Gold Award. In November 2013 SaiWaiXiang   rice, wheat, rice, wheat flour received the certification of Beijing Green China Organic Food Certification Center,and passed Halal certification by international halal food.

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